RPES sealing tape

R-FOLL presents the RPES sealing system for levelling the contact area between the roof board and the purlin, which significantly reduces the structural noise accompanying the board work.

Another advantage of the RPES seal is the prevention of scratching of the board surface during the assembly as well as spreading of corrosion from the structure onto laminated boards during operation of facilities.

RPES sealing tape used on the steel structure column

system uszczelnienia RPES


The RPES system is specially designed to be used when attaching laminated boards to steel structures.


Due to the use of the appropriate PE material with silicone liner, the tape is resistant to continuous temperature and water absorbability changes and has a high chemical resistance.


Apply the adhesive tape to the structure surface at the contact area with the inner board lining. The RPES tape adapts very well to irregular surfaces.

Density 30 +/- 3% kg/m3
Length 30 +/- 1% m/b
Width 20 +/- 3% mm
Thickness 3,1 +/- 0,15% mm
Width 20 mm – 100 mm
Thickness 2 - 10 mm
The RPES sealing tape used on the roof on Z sections

system uszczelnienia RPES