Sealing tape under counter battens

R-FOLL presents a self-adhesive polyethylene tape for sealing nail and staple punctures, roofing membranes and counter battens with rafter framing.

Taśma uszczelniająca pod kontrłaty


The sealing tape under counter battens is used to seal contact areas between the roofing membrane, the counter batten and the rafter framing in nail or staple punctures.

The tape eliminates unevenness between the counter batten, the membrane and the rafter. It prevents water ingress into thermal insulation. It is resistant to weather conditions.

Taśma uszczelniająca pod kontrłaty

Foam advantages:

  • Seals nail membrane punctures
  • Smooths away unevenness between counter battens, roofing membrane and rafter framing
  • Resistant to:
    - ageing
    - atmospheric chemistry (e.g. acid rains)
    - reactions with organic substances
  • Prevents water ingress into thermal insulation through nail or staple membrane punctures
  • Thermal resistance: (-40°C) to (+90°C)
  • Easy and quick installation, place of application remains clean due to the lack of a paper interlayer.
Technical data:
Standard size: 40, 50, 60 mm
Length: 30 mb
Hot melt glue: 18-20 g/m2
Foam density: 30 kg /m3
Total tape thickness: 3,0 mm +/- 0,15 mm
Thermal resistance: (-40) (+90) oC
Tensile strength: min 1,4 N/cm
Strip width tolerance: max } 1,5 mm
Strip length tolerance: max – 2%

Installation procedure:

  • Clean dust and other contaminants from the surface.

  • Choose the appropriate tape width.

  • Apply the sealing tape onto the counter batten on the side that will adhere to the film/membrane so that the entire surface of the tape covers the counter batten surface.

  • Nail the counter batten to the rafter along the rafter fastening so that each nail puncture is sealed with the tape.

NOTE! Tape installation at a temperature above +5oC