Protective films

Protective films manufactured by R-FOLL based on the adhesive polyethylene film are designed to protect surfaces from mechanical and chemical damage.

Our films form a temporal barrier that absorbs scratches and cracks and blocks liquid and solid contamination such as dust, dirt, water, solvents, oils and glues.

produkcja folii ochronnej Kraków

Our film is also well suited to protect any surface exposed to damage and contamination during home renovations, such as walls, furniture, windows, parquet floors, panels, carpets, floor coverings, tiles, glazed tiles, ceramics, etc.

produkcja folii ochronnej Kraków

Characteristics of films:

Carrier Polyethylene
Thickness 20-300 microns
Colour Transparent, any colour
Width 10 – 1500 mm
Roll 10-3000 running metres
Roll core Paperboard, internal diameter of 76 mm
Perforation Perforation is possible
Overprint 4 colour printing

Below, we present the division of films according to their intended use.

If you cannot find a dedicated film for the material you want to protect, it does not mean that we do not have the appropriate film in our offer. You are welcome to contact us in order to perform tests together with us and to choose an appropriate film for you.

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